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At the Aquatic Club of Brookfield, we have developed programs that embody the commitment to safety in compliance with the American Red Cross.  It is our goal to offer a unique and professional environment which focuses on your child’s individual needs, as we continue to exceed the standard for swimming instruction.

Aquatic Club of Brookfield

Parents & Tots

Parents & Tots is one of our specialties at The Aquatic Club of Brookfield!  Our Parents & Tots program makes introductory swimming a safe and gentle journey, and prepares children for our group lesson classes.  Proper breathing, underwater swimming, basic stroke technique, and floating are some examples of our safe and positive learning curriculum.  The warm, tropical water (88 degrees, year-round) makes it easy for parents and their children to enter the water, and stay comfortable throughout class.  The colorful and stimulating toys, teaching aids and excellent instruction all contribute to the Parents & Tots experience, making the program a great way to introduce your child to the water.

Learn to Swim

The Aquatic Club of Brookfield is a dedicated swim program, designed for your child’s special needs and interests.  Our 4 to 1 (student-to-teacher ratio) maximizes individual swim instruction. 


There is a maximum of 8 children per class (with two instructors). 


Only one class is held in the pool at a time, to limit distractions and provide a focused learning environment.

A designated viewing room (separate from our pool area) is provided to parents and guests watching our classes, to further facilitate focused learning.


Our pool is heated to 88 degrees all year round!


To maintain our high standards, we are continuously educating our staff with American Red Cross certifications and recommendations.

Take a tour of our facility!

Ask us how to receive a free class through our referral program!
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